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Introducing our simplified recruitment  solution.

We are excited to introduce our new simplified recruitment solution, meticulously designed to enhance your hiring process and improve the distribution of vacancies across multiple channels.

Specifically tailored for entry-level operative positions such as Waiters, Cooks, and Front Desk Agents, our innovative solution offers you the opportunity to preview suggested candidates through on demand video interviews, significantly reducing both time and financial investments.

With our comprehensive solution, you can streamline your recruitment efforts, attract top talent, and make informed hiring decisions with ease.


With our Rising Star Recruitment Solution you can expect:

This streamlined recruitment solution includes a range of features and benefits to enhance your hiring process and optimize your recruitment efforts:

  • Job description elaboration: Our team collaborates with you to create detailed and comprehensive job descriptions that accurately reflect the requirements and responsibilities of each position.

  • Distribution across 10 job boards and our Talent Bank: Your job postings will be strategically distributed across a network of 10 prominent job boards, reaching a wide pool of potential candidates. Additionally, we will showcase your vacancies in our Talent Bank, attracting qualified individuals actively seeking employment.

  • Shortlisting of a maximum of 3 candidates per position: Our rigorous selection process ensures that we identify and shortlist up to three candidates per position. These finalists will be profiles that closely align with the agreed-upon job description, minimizing subjectivity and ensuring a focused search.

  • Video Interview Preview: Save time and gain valuable insights by reviewing candidates pre-recorded video interviews. This feature allows you to assess their communication skills, professionalism, and suitability for the role before proceeding to the next steps.

  • Organization of interviews: We take care of scheduling and coordinating interviews between you and the shortlisted candidates, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

  • Personality tests: Gain deeper insights into candidates personalities and behavioral traits. Our personality tests provide valuable information to assess cultural fit and compatibility with your company's values.

  • Job offer execution: Once you have identified the ideal candidate, we assist you in finalizing and extending a compelling job offer, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

  • Social ads: Enhance the visibility of your current job openings through targeted social media advertising campaigns. We leverage popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach a wider audience and attract top talent.

  • Assistance during the onboarding process: Our dedicated support extends beyond recruitment. We provide assistance during the onboarding process, including the collection and verification of necessary documentation from candidates, ensuring a smooth transition into your organization.

  • This solution significantly reduces both cost and time, allowing the entire process to be completed within a maximum of 10 working days.

  • The package specifically excludes short-term positions, such as F&B Extras, and focuses solely on middle-term/long-term contracts. The package is designed to cater to positions with durations of three months or longer. It does not cover positions that are less than three months in duration. By focusing on middle-term/long-term contracts, we ensure a dedicated and effective approach to finding the right candidates for your organization's long-term needs.

  • This solution is offered exclusively for companies based in Europe. We cater specifically to the recruitment needs of European businesses, providing a tailored approach that aligns with regional requirements and regulations. Our solution is designed to support European companies in their hiring endeavors, ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout the recruitment process.

Why choose us for recruitment?

Here's why we believe we are the best fit for your recruitment needs:

  • We are a team of experienced hoteliers, not an advertising company. This means we have a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and the specific needs of hotels and resorts.

  • Our team has a proven track record of successfully coordinating talent acquisition processes for some of the leading companies in the industry. We know how to attract and select top talent that will fit your company culture and meet your operational needs.

  • We are flexible and understand that every company has unique recruitment requirements. Whether you need to fill a single position or multiple roles, we can adapt our services to your specific needs.

  • Throughout the recruitment process, we prioritize creating a positive candidate experience. We know that every interaction with a candidate is an opportunity to showcase your employer brand and attract top talent. That's why we focus on clear communication, transparency, and timely feedback to ensure candidates feel valued and respected throughout the process.

  • We know that the talent market is constantly evolving and can be challenging to navigate. That's why we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and use technological resources to streamline the recruitment process, saving you time and effort.

  • We are solely focused on the hospitality industry and have a limited number of clients. This means we can provide a personalized and dedicated service that meets your specific needs.

Our Rates.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your hotel achieve your recruitment goals.

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